We Are Human Rights

Founded by designer Bernhard Lenger, the ‘We Are Human Rights’ project is a collaboration between designers and human rights defenders to explore how design can support activists. There are currently seven collaboratory design activism projects wordwide, in Burundi, Colombia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Mexico, Sudan and Russia. For example, the Kenyan project is a platform for global allies to support and empower Kenyan grassroots activists, who often lack support from their government. The project in Nicaragua is an investigation tool that can be used by indigenous communities to form evidence for court cases against illegal settlers.

Led by Foundation We Are, Maxime Benvenuto, Lucandrea Baraldi, Kornelia Dimitrova, Bernhard Lenger, Daeun Lim, Hannah van Luttervelt, Jella Lena van Eck, Foundation Justice and Peace Netherland and their initiative Shelter City, Karen van Luttervelt

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