Landscape Architecture: Design as Activism

This Design as Activism podcast features lecture recordings of Landscape Architecture: Design as Activism class at University of California: Davis. The podcast provide insights into how activism in design is taught at a university level. The lectures include the introduction of social issues in architecture, the importance of community involvement, usage of design advocacy, and […]

Community-Driven Design for All: Interview with Barbara Brown Wilson

In this episode of Urban Resilience Project podcast, Barbara Brown discusses her book, Resilience for All: Striving for Equity Through Community-Driven Design, which addresses inequality and lack of representation. Barbara focuses on how community-driven design can allow access for those who are not normally included in the designing process to be on the designing table, […]

Design for Spatial Justice Podcast Series

Design for Spatial Justice Podcast Series discusses the School of Architecture and Environment and the fellowship, which brings together researchers, designers, and activists hoping to tackle different social and economic issues. Spatial Justice looks at how social justice is affected by geography and organization. The podcast explores this idea through projects happening all over the […]

MASS Design Group Is Using Design to Fight Infection

In this podcast episode by Architect magazine, founding principal and executive director Michael Murphy discusses his firm’s response to COVID-19. He has realized how built environment is a part of the challenge during the pandemic but also the solution. This is especially important in design of medical centers, where a good design can provide safety […]

SEED: Social Economic Environmental Design

SEED, Social Economic Environmental Design, takes the success of LEED and apply it to social and economic issues, as well as environmental problem. SEED focuses on the community’s need, its asset and people’s participation. The goal of the community becomes the goal of SEED. The thing that set SEED apart from LEED is the attention […]

Advocacy, Activism, and Alliances in American Architecture Panel featuring Susan King

This episode of Advocacy, Activism, and Alliance in American Architecture panel features Susan King. Susan discusses her journey into Architecture as one of the few women in the field during the time it consisted mostly of male architects, and the moment that inspired her to advocate for activism in design. [youtube url=””]

Teeter totters as activism: How the border wall became a playground

In this episode of the blog, UC Berkeley architect Ronald Rael tells the story of him and the seesaw. As he hobbled the bright pink seesaw to the us-mexico border wall, he wondered what he and his team would do next. He just wanted to create a moment where people on both sides felt connected. […]

Detroit City of Design Podcast

Design impacts everyone, for better or for worse. Every week (for 10 weeks), the Detroit City of Design Podcast invites designers, innovators and the curious to participate in a dialogue on how Design can be used to create conditions to improve quality of life and economic opportunity. View Detroit as a global model for sustainable […]

Environment and Activism

Environment and Activism podcast, hosted by Bay Area Book Festival, discusses design activism through an environmental lens. Guest designers discuss environmental activism topics from its history and hope, to its relation to other social issues, as well as specific topics such as food system and sustainability. [button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#444444″]Listen Here[/button]

The Intersection of Activism and Architecture

In this episode of WNYC podcast, Nandini Bagchee discusses her book Counter Institution: Activist Estates of the Lower East Side. The book intersects architecture, urban design practice, geography and cartography with history, politics and sociology, subtly depicting the history of activism in New York City and how the city has inspired and encouraged political participation. […]

Green Up: The Greenest Block in Brooklyn – Gardens as Community Activism

This podcast, “Cultivating Place,” explores how a community in Brooklyn, New York, are responding to activism through green urbanism. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden hopes to serve and connect with the community through the garden contest, which promotes street view gardening, tree management and community development. This not only ensures community development, but also a green […]

Social Design Insights

Social Design Insights is a weekly podcast produced by the Curry Stone Design Award. Each episode explores different ways in which guest designers deal with social justice issues through design projects. The guest designers come from different design departments and can have a deep understanding of the different branches of the field. [button url=”” target=”blank” […]

Social Design Insights

Social Design Insights is a weekly podcast produced by the Curry Stone Design Prize. Through conversation with leading designers, it provides insights into innovative projects and practices that use design to address pressing social justice issues. [button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#444444″]Listen Here[/button]