2020 LAF Innovation + Leadership Symposium

“In what promises to be a powerful virtual event, the six 2019-2020 LAF Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership recipients will present their projects on design activism, resiliency planning near New Orleans, working landscapes in the Middle American city, overlooked writings from varied disciplines as a geopolitical study of land, indigenous knowledge leading design interventions in the Salton Sea, and heterogeneous realms of knowledge in landscape relating to equity and resilience.

This year, our symposium will be held as a two-part virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tickets are available for one or both days.”


Tuesday, June 16, 3-4:30pm ET
Featuring: Jeffrey Hou, Elizabeth Camuti, and Diana Fernandez

Thursday, June 18, 3-4:30pm ET
Featuring: Nicholas Jabs, Pierre BĂ©langer, and Hans Baumann

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